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A sophisticated and fancy networking is coming !

Credit : WOLFE MTL

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One of the most sophisticated networking events is returning to Montreal for the 7th edition.

Expand your horizons and join us at LET'S CONNECT ! An event dedicated to fostering genuine connections, as the newest Emmanuelle Lounge on September 6th from 6 to 9 pm. Emmanuelle Lounge is a project by Donald Lauture and Zébulon Perron.

Credit : Emmanuelle lounge

This venue is the perfect setting to cultivate new friendships and embark on exciting new experiences. Featuring a captivating lineup of live music and delectable cuisine, this event promises to be a delightful and magical experience.

Credit : WOLFE MTL

Each guest will receive an extraordinary goodie bag filled with premium products from the sponsors, valued at up to 600$. Notably, OMY LABORATORY, a certified B-Corp with a strong commitement to social plan and environmental responsability, has contributed high-end products to these goodies bags.

Credit : WOLFE MTL

To kick-off the evening, your welcoming glass from La Maison Ladore by Cassandra Loignon. Two different american wine as Chardonnay No. 001, delicate flavors of stone fruits and pear, while Cabernet Sauvignon No. 002 offers a rich blend of dark fruits and spices. Now, let's talk about the venue. It's a new lounge located in Quartier des spectacles. It's an exquisite place that I personnally frequent every month (sometimes every two weeks). The cocktails are exceptional and the food is delicious. With The Let's connect event, you will have the chance to explore various atmosphere within the venue, included the bar, the terrasse and the lounge speakeasy at the end.

Credit : Emmanuelle lounge

Gather your friends and join us for an event that promises to kindle the flame of genuine connections. Secure your spot now, as tickets are limited, and there will be no admission at the door.


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